Management Company “Promelectronica-Invest”

Promelectronica-Invest administers and manages companies included into of the Group of Companies.





Advising on commercial activities and management          



General administration of organizations



Business accounting and financial audit services



Recruitment, consulting and cooperation in IT and PR

In 2018 some top managers and departments of R&D Company “Promelectronica” have been assigned to business management and expanding the activity scope. Today we are developing a group of companies in cooperation with R&D Company “Promelectronica” and partners.

Members of the Group of Companies

- R&D Company “Promelectronica”. Russian developer and manufacturer of railway signalling provides support during the whole product life cycle. Over 25 years Promelectronica’s systems have been operating at main lines and industrial railways. Today its products are ensuring safety and control railway traffic on all railways throughout Russia – main lines and industrial railways; railways in CIS, EU and other countries.
NPP RaTorm. The Company develops and manufactures systems and units of freight train control via radio channel ensuring railway traffic safety and facilitating work of a locomotive driver.
- LINERGO. Developer and producer of equipment and software based on mobile technologies and IoT intended for the housing maintenance and power supply organizations, its suppliers and consumers. These products reduce technical and commercial costs, save money and time to achieve primary goals.  


Promelectronica-Invest and its Innovation Board are offering cooperation to researching teams and searching for readily producible projects.

Transport technologies

Robotics engineering

Smart energy

Smart production




Big Data


Artificial intelligence


Applicants and projects selection criteria are here.
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