“We would like to thank Mr. Igor Tilk for great contribution to the development and stable operation of railway signalling and telecommunication equipment”

V.I. Yakunin, President of JSC “RZD”

“We would like to thank Mr. Igor Chuvilin for  many years of hard work, high level of professionalism and significant contribution to the safety assurance of construction”

G.N.Talashkin, Head of NP SRO “MOOZhS”
Sverdlovsk railway – branch of JSC “RZD”

“We would like to thank administration of  R&P Centre “Promelectronica”  for cooperation in development of solutions for engineering facilities and technologies, intended to increase train traffic safety”

S.M. Saifranov, Deputy head of Sverdlovsk railway – branch of JSC “RZD”
LLC “RusVinyl”

“R&P Centre “Promelectronica” has recommended itself as reliable “turnkey” supplier of equipment and has all necessary licenses.  The company timely, in full and with relative quality fulfills its obligations. We recommend signaling systems, developed by R&P Centre “Promelectronica” for implementation on objects of any complexity”

G.V. Nadolni, General director of LLC “RusVinyl”

“JSC “Novolipetsk metallurgical plant” thanks staff of R&P Centre “Promelectronica” for high professional level at all stages of realization of joint projects.  Our collaboration in a field of construction of railway automation systems allowed our company to become a prize winner of award “Partner of JSC “RZD” in the nomination  “Best company – owner of non-common tracks”. 

V.A. Chetverikov, Logistics director of JSC “NLMK”
Latvian Railways

“Latvian Railway shas started collaboration with R&P Centre “Promelectronica” since the year 2009 with implementation of microprocessor semi-automatic block system MPB with the use of axle counting system ESSO on the railway haul Kemeri-Tukums. In 2011 one more line on the border with Lithuanian Railways was equipped. Also, in the end of 2012 one level-crossing was equipped with microprocessor control equipment on the basis of axle counting equipment (MAPS). During implementation of devices, specific aspects of projects have been discussed and taken into account. It is necessary to note professionalism of specialists, implementing this equipment”

Vasiliy Vinokurov, Deputy technical director for electrotechnical facilities of Latvian Railways
JSC “Apatit”

“Absolute advantage of R&P Centre “Promelectronica” is a complex approach to work with the customers. The company does not only develops and produces railway signalling and telecommunication systems, but also performs implementation works – design, construction, installation works, as well as training of the operational staff, warranty and post-warranty service. Specialists of R&P Centre “Promelectronica” recommended themselves to good advantage, promptly and professionally solve questions of put into service of supplied equipment and provide technical support”.

V.S. Titov, Head of the railway shop of JSC “Apatit”
Lithuanian Railways

“In consequence of the use of anaxle counting system ESSO, reliability of equipment was increased, appeared possibility of implementation of CTC on the railway haul, working efficiency and traffic safety was increased”. 

Romas Macijauskas, Deputy head of infrastructure division of Lithuanian Railways
Kaliningrad railway – branch of JSC “RZD”

The systems are widely used, which are base don axle counting method: semi-automatic block system (MPB), level-crossing protection system (MAPS), axle counting system (ESSO). Implementation of these systems allowed to solve problems, related to low sensitivity on low-density tracks and provide necessary train traffic safety. Theuse of MPB gave possibility to refuse from a wire communication channel and use FO lines. Also, reservation of communication channel is realized in MPB. The most important is that systems showed high reliability, also due to the integrated lightning protection and adaptability to various climatic conditions”. 

S.O.Deltsov, Chief engineer of signalling division of Kaliningrad railway – branch of JSC “RZD”
Oktyabrskaya railway – branch of JSC “RZD”

“Works on replacement of the way side equipment have been executed a head of time, with a high quality and professional level. We would like to thank specialists of R&P Centre “Promelectronica” for the that. It is very important that staff was additionally trained for operation and service of ESSO system”.

V.A. Koltushkin, Rzhev signalling division of Oktyabrskaya infrastructure directorate