Electronic auto block system with audio frequency track circuits is designed for interval control and ensuring train traffic safety, including high-speed trains, with any traction type (AC and DC traction, autonomous traction) on single-, double- and multi-track railway lines of all categories.

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Reliability and safety

ABTC-I is based on audio frequency range track circuits without using of insulated joints. Equipment is placed on the stations adjacent to the railway lines. At every adjacent station ABTC-I sub-set is placed, which controls a part of the railway line.

  • ABTC-I equipment is based on modern high-efficient electronic elements without using electromagnetic relays. Depending on the customer requirements, algorithm of three-digit or four-digit auto blocking is realized in ABTC-I along with a function of logical control of train passing to the railway haul both with intermediate signals and without them.
  • ABTC-I provides interaction with relay or electronic interlocking, linear points of CTC, receives signals from UKSPS, KTSM, controls LC, bridge, tunnel and crossing signalling system.
  • ABTC-I provides interaction with technical facilities, providing duplicated data transmission channel to the locomotive (radio channel).
  • In ABTC-I high-performance home produced controllers with in-built self-diagnostic facilities are used for processing of the inter-system data.
ABTC-I hardware has a functional-modular modification and located in 19” cabinets of the Euromechanics standard.
Technical parameters
  • length of the railway haul (without intermediate points installed) – up to 30 km;
  • number of track sections on the railway haul – up to 120;
  • number of intermediate signals on the railway haul (in both directions) – up to 120;
  • number of level-crossings on the railway haul – up to 30;
  • 10 control frequencies of the rail lines in the range from 475 to 975 Hz;
  • type of control signal modulation – frequency shift;
  • type of additional protective coding of the rail line control signals – 8-bit modified Bauer code;
  • track circuit length – from 250 to 800 m;
  • monitoring of the rail line control signal levels without additional measuring tools;
  • additional shunting zone – not over 40 m.
  • increase of crossing facility of the railway hauls;
  • reduction of costs for overhaul construction, installation and technical maintenance;
  • ability to change carrier frequency of locomotive auto signalling system signal from 25 Hz to 75 Hz to improve channel noise resistance on the sections with AC traction without additional expenses.

ABTC-I is one of the development stages of the train traffic control system over radio channel SINTERA. SINTERA allows to increase train handling capacity of the Russian and international railways reducing the train spacing. In its final form SINTERA system will be improved functional analogue of ERTMS / ETCS systems Level 2 and 3.