BBK-02 is intended for remote monitoring and control of railway signalling and telecommunication equipment with decrease of required communication channel resources and assurance of safety requirements.

  • Application of BBK-02 enables to arrange remote control of point switch tower and station signal lights.
  • BBK-02 equipment can be used both inside the rooms and in relay cabinets or transportable modules.
Technical data
  • number of digital inputs: 16;
  • number of digital outputs: 16;
  • supply voltage, DC: 16 V;
  • supply voltage, AC: 16 V;
  • power consumption: not over 10 VA;
  • overall sizes: 310х121х266 mm;
  • operating temperature range: -60..+85°С;
  • for the connection with digital signalling systems interface RS232/485 is provided using open protocol MODBUS.
  • reduction of operating costs for railway signalling and telecommunication equipment maintenance due to diagnostic facilities to check operability;
  • decrease of maintenance staff work level;
  • due to fiber-optic lines, radio-channel, multiplexing equipment there is possibility to arrange remote control of objects without signalling cable or feasibility of its cable laying.