In normal mode BUKS registers train car number and direction of train movement. Data are displayed by BI indicators and is sent to upper-level system. In case of lower clearance violation, it generates data on derailment, car number and side of derailment. These data are transmitted to upper-level system and displayed by BI indicators. The 1N-1350 type KVS relay is also activated. Such status is hold for 10-20 s required for reliable detection of lower clearance violation by signalling systems. After 10-20 s BUKS is automatically recovered and is capable to detect clearance violation.

BUKS equipment

Trackside devices:

  • DKS derailment detector generates signals of car passing and derailment;
  • BOS signal processing unit detects clearance violation, identifies derailment side and car number as well as direction and train speed. BOS ensures self-diagnostics and diagnostics of DKS, sends data to upper-level systems.

Indoor devices:

  • BI interfacing unit provides connection with electronic signalling systems via digital and relay interfaces, ensures BI diagnostics and power supply of BOS.



BOS signal processing unit
BI interfacing unit
Technical data
  • cable between DKS and BOS: 3 m;
  • BUKS power supply:

           - 24 V by station battery in case of centralized power supply;

           - 12 V by local power supply unit;

  • interface: EIA-485 serial interface, relay interface ensured by KVS type relay;
  • two-wire line connection of trackside devices with and indoor equipment;
  • max. distance between indoor and trackside equipment: 5 m;
  • power consumption: max. 10 W.