ESSO-ILS transmits data on number of axles passed over each counting post including direction of movement via a standard interface to upper-level system.

ESSO-ILS functions

  • collects and transmits data on number of axles including movement direction to upper-level system

Advantages of ESSO-ILS

reduced number and cost of indoor equipment in comparison with ESSO-M/ESSO-M-2;

  • highly reliable system. The counting error probability does not exceed 1.0∙10-6;
  • safe DKU-M sensors without auxiliary electronic equipment on track;
  • ESSO-ILS could be supplemented by ESSO-M/ESSO-M-2 indoor equipment and connected with MPC-I not modifying ESSO-ILS trackside devices;
  • data is transmitted via Modbus TCP to upper-level system;
  • power supply and data transmission are ensured via one pair of wires;
  • protection against lightning and switching overvoltage;
  • does not require routine maintenance.

Download "Train car/wheel positioning control" brochure

ESSO-ILS indoor equipment
Technical data
  • power supply: 220 V DC, 24 V AC;
  • power consumption per 1 CP: 2 W;
  • speed of axle passing over wheel sensor: from 0 to 360 km/h;
  • temperature range:

trackside equipment: -60 to +70

indoor equipment: -40 to +70

  • EMC, mechanical loads and climatic conditions: GOST 34012, EN 50125-3;
  • Ethernet using ModBus TCP.