The system is an alternative method to track circuits. It is intended for station tracks and lines between stations at public and private railways as well as at metro.

ESSO-M-2 is integrated with any existing signalling system at new construction, renovation or overhaul repair. The system controls track sections of any length and configuration.

  • Greater reliability of interfacing with upper level systems due to the digital redundant interface based on Ethernet.
  • Functions and interfaces of the system configurable on software level.
  • Extended diagnostics and achieving.

Download ESSO-M-2, ESSO-M-2 brochure

ESSO-M-2 equipment

Wayside devices

Tower devices

  • wheel sensor DKU/DKU-M with sensor claws
  • evaluation block comprising case KBR, counting board PLR and communication board PLI, configuration key KLK;
  • axle counter adapter UPSP and interfacing unit USKS;
  • visual panel PT-2;
  • diagnostic system DS.
ESSO-M-2 tower equipment
Wheel sensor DKU
Wheel sensor DKU-M
Technical data
  • power supply, AC: 220 V, 24 V;
  • reliable interface: “dry contact” outputs, redundant Ethernet;
  • diagnostic interface RS-485, Ethernet.