KID-N measures AC/DC voltage regardless of signal type.

KID-I is intended for insulation resistance measurement.  

  • 8-channel controllers are capable to ensure insulation control (KID-I) or voltage control (KID-N) in 8 electric circuits simultaneously;
  •  KID-I and KID-N can be used as a part of MPC-I system as well as a part of any other system which uses RS-485 and Modbus;
  • Application of the controllers in MPC-I and other systems is stipulated by the Engineering Solutions.
Technical data
  • KID-N measures voltage in the frequency range from 20 Hz to 5.5 kHz;
  • KID-I measures insulation resistance in the range from 1 MOhm to 150 MOhm. In the range below 1 MOhm the measurement inaccuracy is not restricted and KID-I could be applied as indicator;
  • operation in a fully automatic mode, no manual control required;
  • embedded burst noise protection.