KTS AZS employs stationary heavy-duty braking chocks consisting of two modules – chocking and absorbing modules. The modules are installed on reception and departure tracks – one set for each track, except main tracks and tracks designated for non-stop passing.

A train is chocked by electromechanically driven elements of the braking chock that change their position by an operator's command providing mechanical effect on rolling stocks' wheel pairs. The system prevents accidental movement of chocked rolling stock or its any part.

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KTS AZS equipment
  • stationary heavy-duty chocks;
  • subsystem for precise train stopping;
  • station Master workstation for command input and system performance monitoring;
  • subsystem for chock drive control.



KTS AZS local control panel
Wheel pair chocking
Braking chock
Technical data
  • chocking a train with the total mass of:

           - up to 10 000 tonnes with the track slop up to 0.0003;

           - up to 5 000 tonnes with the track slop up to 0.0006;

  • several control modes: interlocked and local;
  • subsystem for precise train stopping.

  • reduced operating costs due to no signalling staff work;
  • time to chock/unchock a train usinf braking chock max. 2 minutes;
  • increased work culture and no operating personnel in the hazardous area.