MAPS-M is a level-crossing automatic signalling system without intermediate relays.

MAPS-M is a first stage of development of non-contact LC signalling system BEKAS, that will allow control of all existing signalling devices on the railroad level-crossings of all categories.

  • When delivered on site, MAPS-M has a high degree of factory operability and requires minimum installation works under construction.
  • The main advantages of MAPS-M - complete absence of relay equipment, required routine periodic maintenance; high degree of protection against lightning and switching surges; extended diagnostic information and archiving of received data, that enables to detect pre-fault state and significantly reduces the time for troubleshooting.
  • All process information on the functioning of MAPS-M is clearly displayed on the LCD touch- panel with built-in user-friendly interface.

Download "Level and pedestrian crossing control systems" brochure

Application area
  • MAPS-M is designed for use at level-crossings without operator, located on the single-track or double-track lines equipped with any systems of traffic control.
  • The system performs automatic control functions of optical and acoustic devices of LC signalling to ensure traffic safety of trains and road transport on crossings.
  • Control of track sections in the area of MAPS-M is performed by embedded equipment of MAPS system by means of axle counting method.
  • During operation MAPS-M is located close to the level-crossing in transportable module. Using such module allows fulfillment of MAPS-M climatic requirements and enables improvement of the maintenance staff working conditions.
Technical data
  • input for connection of AC power source: 2 inputs (for main and redundant feeders);
  • supply voltage range: from 198 to 242 V, 50 Hz;
  • nominal power consumption: not over 350 W;
  • maximum power consumption: not over 750 W (when charging batteries);
  • working period in offline mode in absence of external power supply: up to 24 hours;
  • number of LC signalling system controlled devices:
    • red light — 4 devices;
    • moon-white light — 2 devices;
    • acoustic signalling units — 2 units;
  • ability of external control and diagnostic equipment connection:
    • output “diagnostic” digital (RS-485) — 1 output;
    • output “diagnostic” discrete — 8 outputs;
  • overall dimensions HхWхD: 2000х800х600 mm;
  • LED heads and lens sets may be used as optical signalling devices.
  • absence of relay equipment, required periodic maintenance;
  • lack of track circuits reduces operating costs and eliminates losses from theft of copper-containing materials;
  • complete prefabricated module reduces the costs for construction and installation works, provides climate system requirements, and also helps to improve the working conditions of service staff;
  • due to the lack of schemes, realizing LC signalling relations, expenses for the commissioning and operation are reduced.