The transportable container is intended for signalling equipment and operational personnel in any environmental conditions 365/7/24.

               The transportable container MKM is delivered as a turnkey solution: from manufacture and mounting of equipment to installation and commissioning.

               The transportable container is used:

  • if there is no any existing or vacant building for the equipment;
  • if installation of the equipment in a building is unreasonable.

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Main advantages
  • Overall dimensions of MKM are customized with respect to a station size and required quantity of equipment.
  • MKM has been tested in the environmental conditions of the Far North: it is operating at stations located beyond the Arctic Circle.
  • MKM is produced in compliance with the operating environmental conditions.
  • MKM is a completed facility with the embedded personnel support system.


It is equipped with
  • main and emergency lighting;
  • fire alarm system;
  • fire extinguishing system;
  • ventilating system;
  • air-conditioning system;
  • heating system;
  • authorized access system.
Technical data
  • compliant with GOST R (IEC).
  • solid housing;
  • ambient operating temperature: -60 С° to +50 С°;
  • temperature inside the module: +5 С° to +25 С°;
  • average time of onsite installation: 2 h;
  • easy onsite adjustment;
  • scalable solutions;
  • redundant air conditioning N+1;
  • fire extinguishing agent HFC-227еа;
  • highest IP protection in the railway sector.
  • reduced costs due to no building and utilities construction;
  • lead time: 12-16 weeks;
  • delivered on site in a ready-to-use state;
  • warranty covers the entire facility (MKM and signalling equipment);
  • 365/24/7 customer support.