MPB is designed for traffic safety assurance on low-density sections and is functional analogue of semi-automatic relay block system.

MPB is small-sized, cost-effective maintenance. It executes the following range of functions:

  • semi-automatic block functions supplemented by automatic control of train arrival in full. Control of railway haul vacancy can be performed both by means of in-built facilities (axle counting method using ESSO wayside equipment) and external control of track sections;
  • arrangement of automatic block-post on the railway haul. Dependence logic for block-post is implemented by MPB controllers module not requiring any changes in hardware or software nodes.
  • Basic advantage of MPB over relay analogues is the possibility of block-signals transmission not only via physical lines but also using digital transmission systems as VF-channel multiplexing equipment, fiber-optic lines or radio-channel.
  • System ensures automatic redundancy of communication channels.

Download "Train traffic control on hauls" brochure

MPB structure
  • two similar subsets (controllers module), located on adjacent to the railway haul stations;
  • ESSO wayside equipment (when railway haul is controlled using axle counting method).

Block of controllers
  • supply voltage, DC: 12V or 24V;
  • supply voltage, AC: 16 V;
  • power consumption: not over 5 VA;
  • overall sizes: 310х121х266 mm;
  • operating temperature range: -60..+85°С;
  • for the connection with digital signalling systems interface RS232/485 is provided using open protocol MODBUS.
MPB controllers module
  • reduction of expenses on capital construction, installation and maintenance of tower devices and relays;
  • usage of transmission systems over radio-channel enables to exclude physical line, thereby reduce operational costs and losses due to steal of copper-containing materials;
  • conversion of sections equipped with MPB on CTC control.