MPC-I executes all interlocking functions required for safe train traffic control both at station and on railway line.

  • based on soft and hardware complex of MPC-I it is possible to make common train traffic control center on the section with remote monitoring, integration with CTC and diagnostic-and-monitoring system, connection with radio block centers and development of intellectual functions.
  • program integration is provided by computing complex using client-server structure. Due to that fact, command information systems of any configuration and complexity are developed.

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Hardware and software of MPC-I ensure
  • division of large-scale stations on unlimited number of zones for control (secular and seasonal);
  • selection of sections for temporary local control (both with arrangement of additional working place and with control from point tower) on the station with shunting works;
  • integration of low-density stations into joint control tower without using facilities of CTC tower and without installation of linear CTC post. Herewith, possibility of local control and monitoring still remains;
  • arrangement of multi-level hierarchical control systems as zone-station-section-railroad with possibility of prompt transmission of control to the relevant level if necessary.

  • Based on in-built telecommunication cabinet units and channel forming equipment LANs enable to arrange joint towers and posts, distant working places, centralized sections and other configurations.
  • MPC-I executes functions of in-built archival system with 100% redundancy and independent from operability of any workstations.
  • MPC-I is assessed for compliance with SIL 4.

In-built automatic subsystem for measuring insulation resistance, tower voltage and currents enable to use MPC-I for monitoring of signalling equipment parameters (including remote equipment). Measuring subsystem is implemented depending on the object and based on method of centralized data acquisition by modules of interlocking control unit or distributed data acquisition by special low-sized devices of KID series.

MPC-I CAD is developed for design engineers and customers. Due to that, design effort can be reduced in several times, trained staff of the customer can upgrade and make corrections in MPC-I software in case of any changes in the station layout. Besides, safety risks are reduced due to decrease of human factor effect.

In such case, operating organizations are offered two versions of system reconfiguration:

  • using project engineering facilities of Promelectronica;
  • self-maintained adaptation within the limits of upgraded part of existing project using MPC-I CAD-software in cooperation with service center of Promelectronica.

Adaptation of MPC-I is rather easy due to user-friendly CAD interface, even it requires some special knowledgebase and responsibility.

  • MPC-I is one of the most compact interlockings executing wide range of functions. If there is no possibility to construct tower building, MPC-I equipment can be placed in transportable containers and released rooms of existing buildings.


Adaptation of MPC-I intermediate level
Adaptation of MPC-I upper level
MPC-I structure
  • interlocking control unit (UKC) with dependence logic program for routing movements over station. In the redundant MPC-I solution UKC is based on the hot standby (“2 plus 2”);
  • station operator work terminal (ARM DSP) with appropriate interface providing convenient work for user;
  • electrician work terminal (ARM ShN) for remote monitoring of all MPC-I items status;
  • telecommunication cabinet (ShTK) ensures operation of all work terminals at station (with full automatic redundancy of all equipment), possibility of simple connection with any external system (incl. CTC, APCS) as well as information safety, record-keeping and archiving of operation data and staff actions;
  • redundant control panel for direct point switching in case of failure of both ARM DSP and UKC. The control panel is used as simplified version of MPC-I;
  • objects of interlocking (relay circuit equipment, axle counting, light-signals, electric drives, shunting columns, check station panels and similar wayside equipment produced by Russian plants), signalling cable network, object control units and interface relay schemes for its control.
Station operator work terminal ARM DSP
Station operator work terminal ARM DSP
Station operator work terminal ARM DSP
Electrician work terminal ARM ShN
Electrician work terminal ARM ShN
Electrician work terminal ARM ShN
Interlocking control unit UKC
Telecommunication cabinet ShTK
Technical data
  • average time of design of logic (for the station with 30 points): 1-2 weeks;
  • number of points per UKC (one or first UKC): 35 points;
  • number of points per next UKC: 45;
  • overall number of points per interlocking system: unlimited.
  • reduction of equipment in comparison with relay electronic interlocking (EI);
  • reduction of expanses on capital construction, installation and maintenance of EI tower equipment due to integration of adjacent signalling systems;
  • MPC-I is unified for application on all small, mid and large-sized stations (road junctions, separate posts and shunting loops) with train and shunting movements of main line and industrial railway transport. It is convenient for design and maintenance of system. Maintenance staff does not require to re-train after overpass to other stations and production period and supply period is substantially decreased as those do not depend on the station size.