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Our solutions work in over 20 countries: on public and non-public railways in Russia, CIS countries, Indonesia, Columbia, Brazil and other countries

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    • Taman Transshipment Complex

      The railway infrastructure of Taman Transshipment Complex combines the axle counting products ESSO, ESSO-M and ESSO-M-2, MPC-I Interlocking and ABTC-I Automatic Block System.

      Our solutions ensure safe train traffic at 4 parks and in the bottleneck of a yard park at Panagia station. DKT Wheel Sensors control track sections of the hump yard.

      Several stations have MKM Transportable Containers combined into complexes. 

    • Indonesia

      ESSO-M Axle counting system is implemented on all railway types of Indonesia. The system controls rail track occupancy on a coal loading station on Sumatra Island and Jakarta-Gudang port station. 37 counting posts are also installed on two stations and a line between them of a mainline coming through one of the towns of South Sumatra province.
      Moreover, ESSO-M system, featuring 107 DKU wheel sensors is installed on an urban line in the capital of Indonesia – Jakarta.
      Water level rises above the rail heads during rainy season in Indonesia and remains at that level for over a week. ESSO-M is resistant to various climatic conditions and provides uninterrupted operation of railway lines during floods and after water recedes.

    • Sverdlovsk railway - branch of RZD

      KTS AZS Automatic Rolling Stock Chocking System operates at Sverdlovsk railway. The solution is designed for automation of precise stopping and train chocking on reception and departure tracks of railway stations. Chocking a train with the total mass of up to 10 000 tonnes with the track slop up to 0.0003 and up to 5 000 tonnes with the track slop up to 0.0006. No track operating staff and brake chockes.

    • EVRAZ Group

      EVRAZ Group (ZSMK, NTMK, KGOK). There are 1351 ESSO Counting Posts, 154 switches with MPC-I Interlocking and 5 MAPS Level-Crossings. Remote control of two stations from a single interlocking tower was implemented in 2020. EVRAZ railway infrastructure is equipped with DK-I Dispatcher Control System and Car Positioning System.
      The non-relay MPC-I with ESSO-M-2 Axle Counting System were implemented in 2018. The equipment is placed into MKM Transportable Container.
      Three stations are equipped with MPC-I in a hot redundancy configuration. For the first time there has been applied UKC-U Interlocking Controller which combines functions of two UKCs introduced in one cabinet.

    • Gabon, Central Africa

      eDKT Wheel Sensors have been installed in the Gabonese Republic, Central Africa. They work as a part of the system detecting RFID-tags.

    • South-Ural railway - branch of RZD

      ARM ETs has been applied at one of the stations of South Ural railway. It is a block route-relay interlocking with computer route setting system. A conventional relay EI control panel has been replaced with the modern ARM DSP Station Work Terminal. The retrofitted EI was supplemented with the record and archive functions and remote control of a neighbor station.

    • NLMK Group

      NLMK Group (NLMK, NLMK-Kaluga, NLMK-Ural, Stoylensky GOK) have 1589 counting posts of ESSO and ESSO-M Axle Counting Systems, 93 points are controlled by MPC-I Interlocking. The hump yard at NLMK is equipped with DKT Wheel Sensors.

    • Far East railway - branch of RZD

      Participation in implementation of the strategic project at Far East railway. Construction of infrastructure at the sections Komsomolsk-on-Amur – Sovetskaya Gavan, Komsomolsk-on-Amur – Volochaevka, Baranovskiy – Makhalino. 70 stations are fitted with MPC-I Interlocking. 
      Urgal – Izvestkovaya haul is controlled by ESSO system. MAPS-M is installed at the non-guarded level-crossing with 12 counting posts in the area of level-crossing.

    • Zabaikalsk railway

      Collaboration in creation of transport infrastructure for development of natural resources in southeastern part of Transbaikalian Territory, construction of a new railway line Naryn – Lukogan – Bystrinskiy GOK. 6 stations are equipped with MPC-I Interlocking, 7 level-crossings – with MAPS system at the section Naryn 1 (Borzya) – Bystrinskiy GOK. 
      Construction of new stations at Bystrinskiy GOK: 71 ESSO Counting Posts, 31 switches are interlocked by MPC-I, 2 level-crossings are controlled by MAPS.

    • Brazil

      In Brazil ESSO-M Axle Counting is installed on a single track level-crossing used for transportation of natural resources and fuel.
      In 2022 the system was implemented on a level-crossing near the town of Imperatriz, located on the Tocantins River. DKU Wheel Sensors control occupancy and vacancy of the track and a point section, as well as serve as a switch protection system.
      Also ESSO-M operates at station Tutoia located in Araraquara city. DKU Wheel Sensors were installed in the south and north station necks adapted the Sensor claws for TR68 rails. The Sensors are involved in track vacancy/occupancy control and protect switches from unauthorized operation under a rolling stock.  

    • Nornickel

      Comprehensive modernization of railway infrastructure at PAO Nornickel: 114 points are interlocked by MPC-I, 147 counting posts operated by ESSO-M, 11 level-crossings are controlled by MAPS, 7 hauls are controlled by MPB. The project features remote point control. There are three MKM Transportable Containers, 55 km of fiber optic cable are laid down.

    • South Korea

      ESSO-M Axle Counting System has been operating in South Korea since 2019. It works at Light Rail Transport in Osong City. In 2021 the system was integrated in the subway line between Seoul and Goyang City. More than 27 000 people use this line daily.

    • Kazakhstan

      Large scopes of works have been performed at the industrial railways of Kazakhstan and JSC NC KTZ: 282 ESSO Counting Posts, 6 stations interlocked by MPC-I, 5 level-crossings controlled by MAPS, 10 hauls controlled by MPB Electronic Semiautomatic Block System.
      Main line in Kazakhstan is equipped with two automatic block posts of MPB system. This solution increases throughput of the haul and the whole line. A new product ESSO-ILS has been put into operation for the first time at Atirau Oil Refinement Factory (TOO RTI-ANPZ).

    • SUEK Krasnoyarsk

      SUEK Krasnoyarsk: 138 points are interlocked by MPC-I , 262 ESSO Counting Posts, MAPS at the double track section. At one of the stations there have been integrated MPC-I Interlocking with hot redundancy and cascading technologies via Ethernet. Another station with 19 points is equipped with ARM ETs soultion.

    • Apatit (PhosAgro Group)

      Extreme operating conditions of the systems at Apatit. The town is located to the north of the Arctic Circle where snow season lasts for 7-8 months. One of the stations is located in the tunnel under the mountain with daily blasting operations. MPC-I Interlocking operates 166 points, ESSO Axle Counting System controls 393 counting posts.

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