Quality Management System

Safety Management Policy in 2021-2024

Promelectronica develops, integrates and fosters management techniques to ensure customers, staff and other parts’ confidence in safety of our products and processes.  

Safety policy contains:

  • compliance with JSC Russian Railways and CENELEC requirements concerning the functional safety of railway signalling equipment at all life cycle stages, reduction of failure risk and its prevention; 
  • fulfillment of laws and regulations related to work safety;
  • reduction of tolerable risk rates at work places in regard to hazardous production factors;
  • staff awareness of functional and production safety policy and tasks. 

Quality Management Policy in 2021-2024

We strive to be a leading company that develops its own projects in railway signalling sector.

The Quality Management System is constantly improving in compliance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO/TS 22163:2023 requirements. The main principles of these standards are:

  • focus on train traffic safety requirements and customer expectations, especially in regard to failure prevention;
  • executive team leadership;
  • engagement of all staff in quality management based on common targets and team building;
  • management of all processes through the system based on planning and result analysis, risk-oriented thinking;
  • mutually beneficial cooperation among all parties;
  • continuous improvement of processes based on creation and analysis of business targets, their compliance to environment and company’s strategic orientation.

Quality Management policy implementation means: systematic research of customer demands and preventive measures to fulfill them; ensure competitiveness of products based on constant advancement of technologies and management of product life cycle; awareness of quality management policy and tasks. Executive managers and staff in charge for processes shall be leaders in this area.

Each employee shall be aware how their work impacts customer’s satisfaction and what must be done to increase it, as well as be conscious of quality management system requirements.

Environmental Management Policy in 2021-2024

We aim to minimize effects on environment and shall:

  • act in accordance with the Russian Federation laws, regional environmental regulations, rules and other requirements including  ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System;
  • implement all available and practically implementable preventive measures involving reduction of air and water pollution, generation of production and consumption waste; 
  • be aware that the Environmental Management System is an integral part of the company management system;
  • ensure and continuously improve the effectiveness of the Environmental Management System based on target setting and analyzing, their compliance with the environment and the strategic orientation of the company;
  • involve all staff in active and conscious participation in the process of environmental protection.