In 2022 Promelectronica has celebrated its 30th anniversary. The history of the company starts with the development of computer engineering and manufacturing of industrial automation. The year of 1994 marks the beginning of activity in the field of railway automation and transport dispatcher control systems. Since 1996 we have been installing our own developments on industrial and main railways in Russia and abroad.


Of course, there have been some intermediate stages, search of optimal ways and many important events in the life of Promelectronica. There is something to be proud of and to share with you. So, we would like to offer your attention a more detailed story about our company coming-to-be and development.


Learn more about history of the brand R&D Company Promelectronica.

  • 1994
    First scientific research activity in the field of railway train control systems
  • 1996
    We implemented our solutions on industrial railways
  • 1999
    Our products were integrated on main lines and industrial railways

brand history

December 2017 – now

Time went by, the company grew and found new directions. We developed railway signalling solutions. The new logo conveys the integrated approach to products and services. Square is a complete shape, which reflects sustainability and integrity. The succession of logos is depicted in an electric impulse, which symbolizes the signalling units, energy and commitment. The registered trademark.

2003 – november 2017

The logo is drawn as a moving wheel and symbolized our main product – the axle counting system. The registered trademark.

1997 – 2002

We were searching for our style in logo. There have already been images of impulse and wheel.

1993 – 1996

The logo conveys the company’s belonging to electronics. The unfinished central line symbolizes search for new scientific and production ideas. 

  • Certified for conformity to ISO/TS 22163 quality management system by the Union of Industries of Railway Equipment.

  • MPC-I Electronic Interlocking, SGP-MS-15T power supply, ESSO-M axle counting and MPB Electronic semiautomatic block systems have been implemented at Marelisi station in Georgia.
  • Promelectronica modernized Druzhnaya Station of EuroChem-BMU by replacing an outdated electric interlocking with a brand new MPC-I Electronic Interlocking and track circuits with ESSO-M-2 axle counting system.
  • Another implementation of ESSO-M Axle Counting System on Jakarta-Gudang port station in Indonesia;
  • eDKT Wheel Sensors installed in Gabon, Central Africa, achieving a milestone of 20 countries we are present in.
  • MPB Electronic Semiautomatic Block System with automatic block posts was commissioned on mainline Nikeltau – Kandyagash in Kazakhstan. One of four hauls named Tokiansai – Bakai was equipped with two block posts. This solution has been implemented by Promelectronica for the very first time ever.
  • Continuation of the project in Taman port. Modified MPC-I Interlocking, ESSO-M Axle Counting, SGP-MS-30 Power Supply system were installed in the neck of the yard station. Indoor equipment is placed in a transportable complex. Over 250 DKT Wheel Sensors are working on tracks of the yard station.
  • Modernization of Zavodskaya station at NAK Azot, the oldest company in EuroChem group. The station is equipped with MPC-I Interlocking and ESSO-M Axle counting system.
  • We’ve exhibited on the International Railway Fair 1520 PRO//Motion.
  • Modernization of Norilsk-Sortirovochnaya station at Polar branch of Nornickel.
  • New works on the Far Eastern railway. The second tracks at Selikhin – Eldigan and Zabolotnoe – Silip hauls are commissioned. Poni – Tudur haul is controlled by ABTC-I automatic track circuit block system.
  • Corporate artifact of R&D Company Promelectronica – the souvenir axle counter was transferred to an alternative time capsule of the Museum of History of Yekaterinburg. After 50 years the artifact will be shown to all museum visitors.
  • ABTC-I Automatic track circuit block system with new functions (non-fixed and fixed block sections,  ALS-EN and ALSO coding) was approved for operation. The tests were held on Bazhenovo – Muranitny of Sverdlovsk railway and Eldigan – Tudur Far Eastern railway.
  • An aardvark called Baga is now adopted by our company. Baga lives in Yekaterinburg zoo.
  • Kehua uninterruptible power supply unit is approved for application as a part of SGP-MS system. The test were held on Far Eastern railway.
  • Implementation of ESSO-M in Araraquara and Imperatriz, Brazil;
  • Next step of modernization of Chugunnaya station at PAO NLMK;
  • MPC-I interlocking system with new functions and capabilities put into full-time operation on the Russian Railways. Tests were held at Nizhneserginskaya station, Sverdlovsk Railway;
  • First implementation of ABTC-I auto block system on Far Easten Railway – Eldigan – Tudur haul, Komsomolsk – Sovetskaya Gavan line;
  • eDKT Wheel Sensors implementation on non-public railways in Russia, Brazil, USA, Columbia, Azerbaijan;
  • Implementation of Promelectronica’s products on Far Eastern Railway stations: Selikhin station and Kamyshovaya station;  
  • Ongoing modernization of Ugolnaya-2 station at Borodinskoe PTU – SUEK Krasnoyarsk;
  • International Panel Conference “30 years of Sustained Development in Ever Changing World” (16-18 November, 2022, Yekaterinburg);
  • Membership in Sverdlovsk Regional Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs;
  • Events devoted to celebration of 100 years of Signalling division of Sverdlovsk Railway;
  • Implementation of our systems on a new touristic railway route between Yekaterinburg Railway Station and UMMC Museum in Verkhnyaya Pyshma.
  • The first station equipped with ESSO-ILS: Promyshlennaya station of Atyrau Refinery, Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Integration hot redundancy and cascading technologies into MPC-I via Ethernet at Ugolnaya-2 station of Borodinskoe Loading and Transport dpt., SUEK-Krasnoyarsk;
  • New stations equipped with MPC-I in Far East: Khevchen, Silit, Zabolotnoe, Koto, Efremov, Silip, Djelumken;
  • Took part in the International railway fair in the area 1520 “PRO//Motion.Expo” (Moscow, August 26-29);
  • DKT Wheel Sensor was taken into constant operation at RZD. Tests were held on the North-Caucasus and Sverdlovsk railways;
  • Renovation of signalling equipment at Tundra railway yard, Alykel station, Razrez station, Kayerkan station, Uybileynaya station, KUR-2-Dok station, Vologochan station of Norilsk Nickel;
  • The first implementation of ESSO-M in the subway of Seoul, South Korea;
  • MPC-I and ESSO-M-2 systems implemented at Cherepovets-2, Cherepovets Metallurgical Plant (PAO Severstal).
  • Implementation of MPC-I and ESSO-M systems on Syryevaya and Domennaya Stations of PJSC NLMK;
  • DKT Wheel Sensor commissioned into trial operation on the North Caucasian Railway – branch of the Russian Railways;
  • Implementation of ESSO-M-2, MPC-I systems on Koltsevaya and Bunkernaya Stations of JSC EVRAZNTMK;
  • First implementation of ARM ETs on the Russian Railways network – on Chelyabinks-Yuzhnyi Station of South Ural Railway;
  • Implementation of ESSO-M in Lysogorskiy Tunnel of North Caucasian Railway;
  • Implementation of ESSO-M, MPC-I systems on yards of Panagia Station of OTEKO-Portservis;
  • Trial operation of KTS AZS complex on Bilimbay Station of Sverdlovsk Railroad;
  • First implementation of ESSO-M system on mainlines of Indonesia;
  • ARM DSP and ARM ShN of ABTC-I based on Elbrus computing complex has entered full-time operation on haul 337 km – Orsk (Yard G) of South Ural Railway;
  • Implementation of MPC-I and ESSO systems on Uralskaya Station of Borodinskoye Loading and Transportation Directorate – branch of SUEK-Krasnoyarsk;
  • New implementations of MPC-I interlocking system on Far Eastern Railway – Rechitsa, Dzharmen, Akur, Nuskhi, Selgon, Sanboli Stations;
  • Implementation of MAPS-M system on a level-crossing on Far Eastern Railway.
  • Implementation of ESSO-M at Gora Zmeyevaya Station of JSC SUMZ, featured with application of BBK-02 system for remote control from one of the stations;
  • New implementation of ESSO-M system on Bulgarian Railways (Botev, Tyzha, Kalofer, Sakhrane, Cherganovo, Dunavtsi Stations);
  • Participation in the International Railway Fair in the Area 1520 PRO//MOTION.EXPO in Shcherbinka;
  • MAPS and ESSO-M installed on level-crossings of North Caucasus Railway;
  • Track expansion of Fosforit Station, PG Phosphorit (JSC EuroChem);
  • New implementations of our systems on the Far Eastern Railway – branch of the JSC Russian Railways (Litovko and Dyuanka Station);
  • First implementation of ESSO-M-2 system on the station of the Russian Railways – Asfaltnaya Station of the South Urals Railway;
  • Expansion of DK-I network on JSC EVRAZ NTMK (added Zavodskaya, Shikhtovaya and Koltsevaya Stations);
  • Modernization of Ugolnaya-2 Station of Borodinsky Freight Directorate – branch of JSC SUEK-Krasnoyarsk (MPC-I controls 69 points, 134 counting posts of ESSO system, double-track hail fitted with MAPS);
  • New solution applied at Borodinsky Freight Directorate (branch of JSC SUEK-Krasnoyarsk) – route control interlocking with computerized routing system has been commission at Vostochny-Obmennyi Post of Porodnaya-2 Station;
  • KGM, Depot and Velodrome Stations of Jakarta LRT fitted with ESSO-M system.
  • Commissioning of ESSO, MPB and MPC-I systems at railway station Periferiynyi Railway Park of Bystrinsky Mining and Processing Plant;
  • Introduction of our systems at Far Eastern Railway – branch of the Russian Railways;
  • Palashery Station of EvroKhim-Usolsky Potassium Plant equipped with MPC-I, ESSO-M, MPB systems (town of Berezniki, Perm Territory);
  • Zavodskaya station of EVRAZ NTMK company equipped with new systems (ESSO-M-2, MPC-I with object controllers, MKM module);
  • Renovation of Dudinka Station of Mining and Metallurgical Company Nornickel (MPC-I, ESSO-M, MAPS, MPB systems have been installed);
  • third place in competition for the quality of rolling stock and complex engineering systems held by the Russian Railways in nomination Diagnostic and control systems for ESSO-M axle counting system;
  • Participation in RAIL SOLUTIONS ASIA-2018 exhibition (Malaysia, Kuala-Lumpur) – this is the first exhibition in Southeast Asia for our company;
  • Participation in Innotrans 2018 - the world’s largest trade fair for transport technology in Berlin;
  • Participation in international scientific trade conference “Automatics and telematics at railways – TransZHAT-2018” in Sochi.
  • Implementation of new systems at Norilsk Railway (Talnakh Post, Valek Post);
  • 100th station equipped with MPC-I interlocking system (station Mengon of Far Eastern Railway);
  • Implementation of new projects at Bulgarian Railways (station Sopot, Station Zlatitsa);
  •  Introduction of ABTC-I system to full-time operation at a haul 337 kilometer – Orsk of the South Urals Railway;
  •  putting ESSO-M-2 axle counting system into full-time operation at station Asfaltnaya of the South Urals Railway;
  • DKU-M wheel sensor put into full-time operation at station Yekaterinburg-Sortirovochny of Sverdlovsk Railway;
  • Hosting of 25 Years of Innovations in Railway Transport Conference dedicated to 25th anniversary of the company (24-26 May, 2017, Yekaterinburg);
  • Second place in the competition for the best rolling stock quality and complex engineering systems held by the Russian Railways in nomination Diagnostic and control systems for MPB electronic semiautomatic blocking system;
  • Awarding of Promelectronica’s developers of ABTC-I system with Cherepanov Prize (award for achievements in engineering);
  • Promelectronica has received a certificate for compliance with international standard ISO/TS 22153:2017;
  • New corporate style: new logo has been developed, new movie about the company and new corporate mascot – Promelectronic.
  • a new country has appeared on the map of projects implemented by R&P Centre “Promelectronica” – a complex of systems (MPC-I, MPB, ESSO-M) was put into service at stations of the Georgian Railway; 
  • axle counting system ESSO-M was placed into operation on the island of Sumatra (Indonesia), Dolno Ezerovo station (Bulgaria), Khorgos station (Republic of Kazakhstan);
  • a laboratory facility was designed to study MPB system (ULIS MPB);
  • a record number of stations was modernized at the Far Eastern Railway – 11 stations;
  • ESSO-M was put into trial operation at the station Prospect Kosmonavtov, Yekaterinburg Metro;
  • Promelectronica’s systems were implemented at OOO PG Fosforit (EuroChem Group AG), ATYRAU REFINERY LLP (Kazakhstan), AO SUEK-Krasnoyarsk;
  • a new product of R&P Centre “Promelectronica” – mobile container MKM MPC-I was installed at Vudyavr station, AO Apatit;
  • participation in the international trade fair for transport technology InnoTrans 2016 (Berlin, Germany);
  • a newly developed product - microprocessor auto block system with voice frequency track circuits ABTC-I was put into trial operation at the track section b.n. 337 km – Orsk (Park G), South-Ural Railway;
  • Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) issued certificates on the word trade marks ЭССО (ESSO) and ЭССО-M (ESSO-M).
  • participation in organization of the conference for heads of automatics and telemechanics divisions at the railways, subsidiaries of the Russian Railway, called “2014 year’s results of the automatic and telemechanics divisions work and planning for 2015” (January 28th – 29th, Yekaterinburg);    
  • participation in the joint project of Alstom Transport and railway transport division of Novolipetsk metallurgical plant (NLMK) related to the trial performance of the point machine manufactured by Alstom Transport;
  • a training center of Far East State Transport University was equipped with the laboratory facilities for studying the microprocessor interlocking system MPC-I;
  • R&P Centre "Promelectronica" won in the contest of the Russian Railways for the best quality of rolling stock and complex technical systems in the nomination "Diagnostic and control systems” for the microprocessor level-crossing protection system MAPS;
  • organization and holding the 4th International conference and exhibition “PromTransZhat-2015” (September 17th – 18th, Yekaterinburg);
  • axle counting system ESSO-M was certified for CENELEC SIL 4;
  • further participation in modernization of the Far Eastern Railway and industrial enterprises infrastructure in Russia and CIS countries;
  • microprocessor interlocking MPC-I celebrated the 10th anniversary of operation on the Russian Railways. 
  • certification for the compliance to the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS);
  • two new systems were commissioned at the objects of JSC “Russian Railways” – axle counting system ESSO-M and non-relay level-crossing protection system MAPS-M;
  • microprocessor semi-automatic block system MPB with the automatic signal box was first implemented on the mainline railway (the railway haul of Kaliningrad railway);
  • microprocessor interlocking MPC-I and axle counting system ESSO were implemented on the high-speed track section (at Dashtabad station of the section Tashkent–Samarkand, Uzbekistan Railway);
  • the first professional skill contest “The best signaling electrician of the Ural Federal District” was arranged with the participation of R&P Centre “Promelectronica”;
  • a new training center of the Far Eastern Railway in Tynda City was equipped with a laboratory training simulator of microprocessor interlocking MPC-I;
  • R&P Centre “Promelectronica” participated in the International trade fair for transport technology InnoTrans-2014 (Berlin, Germany) and the International scientific-and-practical conference "Railway automation and telemechanics” ("TransZhAT”) in Sochi.
  • continued modernization of signalling systems on the Norilsk Railway and introduction of the microprocessor interlocking MPC-I on the stations of the Far Eastern Railway;
  • introduction of systems, produced by R&P Centre " Promelectronica ", at Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant, Nizhniy Tagil Metallurgical Plant, in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukrainian railways;
  • organization and carrying out of round table “Railway automation and telecommunication systems as a factor of safety and efficiency assurance of the railway transport” under the First Congress of the railway companies of the Ural Federal District;
  • organization and carrying out of the 3rd International scientific-and-practical conference-exhibition “PromTransZhat -2013” in September, 2013. More than 200 participants arrived from 100 companies from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Latvia, Germany, Italy and France;
  • R&P Centre "Promelectronica" for the second time became the winner of the contest of RZD for the best quality of rolling stock and complex technical systems. Our company took the honorary second place in the nomination "Diagnostic and control systems” for the axle counting system ESSO.
  • large-scale reconstruction of signalling systems on Norilsk railway with remote monitoring of several stations;
  • start-up of Microprocessor Interlocking (MPC-I) on three new stations at Far-Eastern railway;
  • axle counting system (ESSO) has been homologated to CENELEC SIL4;
  • R&P Centre “Promelectronica” took 2d place in JSC "Russian Railways" contest for the best quality in the category "Diagnostic and control systems";
  • laboratory facilities for study and training of ESSO and MPC-I systems have been installed and introduced it the Center of Transport Technologies in Kazakhstan;
  • participation in the international exhibition "InnoTrans-2012";
  • participation in the 6th international scientific and practical conference and exhibition "TransZhAT-2012".
  • commissioning of microprocessor interlocking (MPC-I) on the station Korgasyn, Kazakhstan Railway, and start-up of new stations equipped with MPC-I on the Far East Railway;
  • establishment of JV with Alstom Transport - a world leader in the railway transport;
  • equipping of Komsomolsk training center with MPC-I, installation of laboratory stand for studying the axle counting system ESSO in the Belorussian Transport University in Gomel;
  • participation in the organization and arrangement of the training workshop for exchange of experience: “Role and function of the middle management in improvement of technical maintenance of modern railway automation and telemechanic systems” – “RukopoZhATie – 2011”;
  • organization and arrangement of the 2nd International conference-exhibition “PromTransZhat – 2011”.
  • competency certificate has been received for works on preparing project documentation, effecting on capital construction objects safety; for works effecting on capital construction objects safety;
  • R&P Centre “Promelectronica” has become a member of Nonprofit partnership “of industrial railway transport enterprises” (НП ППЖТ / NP PPZhT);
  • first International conference “Technologies to ensure train traffic safety on the tracks of uncommon use – PromTransZhAT” was organized and held;
  • participation in the 5th international scientific and practical conference and exhibition “TransZhAT – 2010”;
  • commissioning of 4 stations, equipped with microprocessor interlocking MPC-I on the Far East Railroad.
  • level crossing protection system MAPS has been put in commission;
  • exhibition of scientific and technical projects was held in the Ural State Railway University in partnership with R&P Centre “Promelectronica” and with visit to an exhibition of Igor Levitin (Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation);
  • R&P Centre “Promelectronica” has been secondly certified over quality management system (on compliance of EN ISO 9001:2008);
  • R&P Centre “Promelectronica” entry into self-regulating organization in the field of engineering and construction.
  • level crossing protection system MAPS has been put into experimental service;
  • participation in the International Trade Fair for Transport Technology “Inno Trans 2008” (Berlin, Germany);
  • computer-based interlocking system MPTs-I has been put in commission and recommended to replication in the railroad network of JSC “RZD”;
  • integrated implementation of the R&P Centre “Promelectronica” systems in the Gorkovskaya Railway (JSC “RZD” department) – commissioning of the computer-based interlocking system MPTs-I and computer-based semi-automatic block system MPB;
  • computer-based semi-automatic block system MPB has been put in commission;
  • first implementation of the computer-based semi-automatic block system MPB and track vacancy detection system based on axle counting method ESSO on Latvian Railway;
  • R&P Centre “Promelectronica” fifteenth anniversary celebration, scientific-technical conference “Prospective train-interval control systems“ management;
  • first implementation of the computer-based interlocking system MPTs-I on the Sverdlovsk Railway – JSC “RZD” department;
  • R&P Centre “Promelectronica” has been awarded Russian National Transportation Prize "Golden Chariot" and won the “Leader of the Transportation Construction in Russia” nomination;
  • first installation of train operation remote control system on the industrial railroad (Zapadno-Sibirsky Metallurgical Works).
  • сertification of the Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 9001: 2000 standards in the development, designing, manufacturing, installation, maintenance of systems of railway automation, telemechanics and communication;
  • participation in a number of large-scale international and Russian tenders on section complex rehabilitation;
  • successful tests of a prototype of a point communication channel with a locomotive;
  • development of an uninterruptible power supply of low power with the working range of temperatures of - 60º …85°.
  • installation of MPTs-I system on the network of JSC “Russian Railways” (station Asphaltnaya of the Southern-Ural Railway);
  • all the 17 railroads of JSC “RZD” become ESSO system operation area;
  • introduction of the international quality management system;
  • successful testing of a prototype of automatic locomotive radio signaling ALSR;
  • development of the complex of railway automation on the unified base: computer-based semi-automatic block system MPB with an automatic signal block, level crossing protection system MAPS, automatic block system SIR-ESSO;
  • establishment of Scholarship Fund of R&P Centre “Promelectronica” for the students who have achieved success in scientific work.


  • intensification of international contacts with specialists of the Railways of Germany, Austria, Finland, Italy, Spain, Japan, Ira and India. Development of nonleaded technology.
  • participation in the main international forums on railway automation and communication “ TransZhAT-2004 - the European Congress on Train Operation Safety in Germany;
  • first installation of ESSO system on foreign main lines (Kazakhstan);
  • establishment of the integrated laboratory to test electromagnetic compatibility and resistance to climatic and mechanical factor influence.
  • opening of new engineering and production complexes.
  • development and production of microwave nodes for communication equipment;
  • the organization of a Service Centre as well as a Design and Survey Department.
  • development of surface mounting technology;
  • putting of a second generation MPTs-I into constant operation (JSC “The Magnitogorsk Iron and SteelWorks”).
  • certification of ESSO system with the Russian railway authority, beginning of the system’s mass installation in the Russian Railways;
  • licenses for the design and survey, construction and assembling, as well as precommissioning works.
  • structurization of R&P Centre “Promelectronica” according to the technological processes of development, manufacturing, construction and maintenance of systems;
  • development and successful testing of the first generation of the computer-based interlocking system MPTs-I).
  • establishment of Research and Production Centre “Promelectronica” on the basis of The Ural State University of Railway Transporation.
  • development of ESSO market, installation of the system at 10 large industrial enterprises of Russia and Ukraine.
  • testing of the track vacancy detection system based on axle counting method ESSO on industrial railroads.
  • beginning of production activity in the sphere of transport dispatcher control systems and railway automation.
  • development and production of programmer “Khronos”. Over 3000 programmers of two modifications were manufactured.
  • April 18, 1992 - beginning of research and production activity.