"PromTransZhAT-2013": platform for professional communication and new solutions

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The 3rd International conference-exhibition “PromTransZhat -2013” was held in Ekaterinburg from   18th to 20th of September 2013. More than 200 participants from 100 companies of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Republic of Moldova, Latvia, Germany, Italy and France discussed the most actual issues of development the train traffic safety assurance technologies of trains on approach sections on industrial enterprises, issues and problems of new systems service, as well as issues of compliance with the legal framework in field of implementation and operation of modern techniques.
This year “PromTransZhat”, organized by R&P Centre “Promelectronica” and the Union of railway related companies, was supported by the Transport Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Union of railway transport and service companies of the Russian Federation and the National railway union.

"PromTransZhAT 2013" took place in an expanded format and embraced technologies and prospects of the development not only of the railway automation systems, but the systems of communication, technologies, service, smart functions of the  microprocessor  systems and linking them with information and logistics systems and process control systems of the industrial enterprises.
On 18th of September during the conference administrative managers of industrial enterprises, design organizations , directorates on information technologies , railway transport enterprises, railway transport management offices, railway guilds;  heads of the signalling divisions of  industrial enterprises of  Russia and the CIS countries acquainted with the proposals of the leading Russian and foreign companies , developers and manufacturers of the railway automation and telecommunication systems, power supply systems and lightning protection for the railway facilities.  Reports were presented by the heads and  technical specialists  of the companies-sponsors of this event: CJSC “R&P Centre “Promelectronica”,  LLC" Polivid ", CJSC" NPO " RoSAT" , LLC "NPP " Yugpromavtomatizatsiya . " Also, great interest  was aroused by one of the world leaders in the transport field -  "Alstom Transport " company, German manufacturers of industrial batteries and  Russian system integrators in the field of information and logistic systems for enterprises.

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The second day – 19th of September participants began with a discussion on certification, compliance and the development of the legal and regulatory framework,  governing the safety of traffic on industrial railway transport. Keynote presentations on these topics were the reports of the head of development and introduction of new techniques  department of the railway automation and telecommunication management authority , Central infrastructure directorate, branch of JSC “RZD” – Evgeny Aleksandrovich Goman  and vice -president of NO " Soyuzgruzpromtrans "  - Victor  Vasilievich Evpakov  "About the draft laws for the railway transport ." Next, separate thematic section of the conference was dedicated to the service and repair of the railway equipment of industrial enterprises.  And, of course, special attention was paid to the presentations of design organizations that perform tasks for the design of modern microprocessor systems and railway automation equipment, such as JSC “Minsk Promtransproekt”, “Belzheldorproekt”, JSC “Lengiprotrans”, JSC “Uralgiprotrans”, design-and-survey department of R&P Centre “Promelectronica”.

One of the main "PromTransZhAT 2013" features is a mandatory feedback from the representatives of industrial enterprises directly operating the railway automation and telecommunication microprocessor systems or planning their implementation in the enterprise. This open dialogue is necessary both for enterprises and developers of such systems and solutions.

Within the framework of event was an exhibition of modern technologies and techniques, addressed to the representatives of the railway transport companies and all other specialists in the field of the railway transport. On 20th of September working trip was organized to Zavodskaya-Sortirovochnaya station of the Pervouralsk Pipe Plant, where was recently introduced microprocessor interlocking MPC-I. 
Conference-exhibition  "PromTransZhAT" is traditionally held every two years. The next event will be held in the year 2015 and many participants have already expressed their desire to continue the communication and to come to the conference once again.

выступление А.А.Манохина, начальника службы СЦБ УЖДТ ОАО


1)  Vadim Vadimovich Lyanoy, Business development director, quality management authorized person of R&P Centre “Promelectronica”, moderator of the conference “PromTransZhat-2013”
"The main task of "PromTransZhAT"  is to ensure unique information space among specialists of the railway transport of non-common use . At that, the event objectives are to increase the safety of the rail traffic on industrial transport, ensuring economic efficiency through the introduction of modern techniques, the fight against the introduction of non-certified products and services. " PromTransZhAT " is a professional platform to discuss current industry issues , share experiences , get feedback from the experts and leaders, in the practice applying the railway automation and telecommunication systems"

2)  JSC "Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant " is one of the leaders in the introduction and operation of new signalling technical facilities  among the Russian industrial enterprises. Speech about the problems and tasks  of the railway automation and telecommunication systems  at their  enterprise, as well as the wish to the developers and manufacturers of such systems and devices was presented by Andrey Aleksandrovich Manokhin, head of the railway transport management signalling division of JSC “Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant ":
"The common wish to all developers of the railway automation and telecommunication systems is the request to develop low-maintenance or completely maintenance-free equipment. It is necessary to optimize the completeness of equipment , while maintaining a constant  high level of reliability and safety ,  increase "vitality " of the railway automation and telecommunication systems. It is necessary to Need to move away from the relay technology, use the microprocessor base with a wireless data transmission technology, herewith introduced microprocessor systems must have the expanded functionality (e.g , remote control of the several  stations from the one tower, switching into operation the low level systems of the enterprise automated process control systems).  Diagnostic systems must not only detect the pre-fault state, but also give recommendations on removal of such failures, i.e. it is desirable to use the so -called "system of decision- making".  It is also very important moment in the process of introduction modern technology is a high-quality and professional training of the operational staff, the introduction on the enterprises specialized training facilities and complexes, the availability of computer-aided design (CAD) software that the customers do not feel totally dependent on the vendors.  And, of course , the most important value and criterion in the selection of partners for the supply and commissioning of the railway automation and telecommunication systems is the availability of all necessary licenses , certificates for activities and introduced systems”.

3)   Alexey Patsko, Business development director in CIS countries of “Alstom Transport” company
"Taking part second time in “PromTransZhAT “, I would like  to note the increased number of participants, significantly expanded exhibition section, as well as a constantly  high level of organization of the conference. We are pleased with the results of our participation and are planning to take part in the next conference “PromTransZhAT.”

4)  Evgeny Aleksandrovich Goman, head of development and introduction of new techniques department of the railway automation and telecommunication management authority , Central infrastructure directorate, branch of JSC “RZD”:
"I think "PromTransZhAT" is actual and necessary event. Especially, for solving tasks such as the harmonization of regulative documents within the entire rail network - both common and uncommon use. Documents must be united, should be a uniform procedure for the development and placing new products for manufacturing, uniform standards. Here, on "PromTransZhAT" , all these important issues are discussed, and requirements for certification and licensing of products are specified. "

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