ESSO-M installed on port station in Jakarta

This autumn we have another implementation of ESSO-M axle counting system, which now controls 35 sections on Jakarta-Gudang port station. The Customer designed the layout of the system and installed the equipment on tracks by their own means, while specialists of R&D Company Promelectronica provided design supervision within all stages of project implementation. In the beginning of the project our specialists provided online recommendations on system design and installation of equipment and later they arrived to Indonesia to carry out training of the local operating personnel and provide maintenance guidelines.


ESSO-M axle counting system has been developed for implementation in adverse climatic conditions, which is confirmed by reliable and safe operation in humid tropic climate of Indonesia. Water level rises above the rail head during rainy season and can remain at that level for more than a week. ESSO-M excels at these conditions as the system continues its operation under water and when the water has receded.


Jakarta-Gudang Station is our another implementation on mainlines of Indonesia. First implementation of ESSO-M on mainlines of Indonesia happened in 2020, where we fitted two stations and the line between them on Sumatra Island in the town of Prabumulih.