Indonesia: Continuing Partnership

Specialists of the JSC Research and Development Company Promelectroncia have visited several sites in Indonesia and met with local partners in the end of October. Major role was given to a training workshop dedicated for operating personnel of the Jakarta LRT line. ESSO-M Axle counting system has been installed here back in 2019 on three stations, 6 stops and a train depot with 12 tracks and a train maintenance area. Team of Promelectronica checks operation of all trackside and tower parts of the system, demonstrated optimal procedures upon detection of prefailure and failures conditions, as well as answered questions from the operating personnel.


It is worth noting that this lines connects residential areas with sports and public venues of the Indonesian capital. This light rail line is crucial for this district of Jakarta, as it provides easier transportation for habitants of highly-populated area and helps easing the traffic.


The very first implementation of our system in Indonesia took place back in 2016 – back then we installed ESSO-M Axle counting system on a line between a coal mine and a power plant on Sumatra Island.