180 anniversary of the Russian Railways

The first railway in Russia was officially launched on October 30th, 1837. It ran from Saint-Petersburg to Tsarskoye Selo and was called the Tsarskoye Selo Railway. Periods of heavy growth followed by decades of extremely slow development of the railways throughout Russia. The Russian Railways saw a number of revolutions and overcame two World Wars.

Today the Russian Railways are one of the five longest railways in the world. The length of tracks in use is above 85 000 km. The railway network covers vast areas with different climatic zones – from subtropics to the Arctic. The northernmost railway route in the world is located on the Yamal peninsula.

The annual freight traffic at the Russian Railways is over 1.2 billion tone and passenger carriages – above 1 billion of passengers. The company is constantly increasing the transportation traffic and expanding borders of implementation of other services.    

Our company has been cooperating with the Russian Railways over 20 years. We highly appreciate our collaboration and see the prospects of further development of the railway infrastructure in Russia.

Congratulations to the Russian Railways! Many wishes for future success and growth! The warmest wishes of health, prosperity and optimism to your team!