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First implementation of ESSO-M on mainlines in Indonesia

ESSO-M Axle counting system, developed by R&D Company Promelectronica,  has been put in operation on mainlines of Indonesia on Sumatra Island in the beginning of July.

ESSO-M system has been installed on 2 stations and a haul between them (37 counting posts in total). This project features remote connection of counting posts (cable length up to 9 kilometers) without intermediate equipment, as well as integration of two ESSO-M systems from adjacent stations via fiber-optic cable without any channeling equipment.


Step-by-step Promelectronica reinforces its positions in Indonesia: first implementation of ESSO-M on industrial railways happened back in 2016, first implementation in urban transport was carried out in 2018 and now our system has been put in operation on mainlines.


Adverse equatorial climate of Indonesia, peculiar with severe heatwaves, long rainfall seasons and high humidity, helps us to demonstrate one of the main advantages of our system – ESSO-M does not require seasonal adjustments. The other advantages for the users of the system are as important: compact indoor equipment, minimal set of trackside equipment, simplicity of design, commissioning and maintenance.