Projects and solutions

First MPC-I interlocking system based on homemade Astra Linux platform installed on Far East

The end of the last year was marked by new implementations of MPC-I computer-based interlocking systems on new facilities of Far Eastern Railway. 70 stations of the Far Eastern Railway have been fitted with MPC-I since 2010.

Specialists of Promelectronica have overhauled already existing MPC-I interlocking system on Dyuanka Station. Now MPC-I controls 19 points and 28 light signals. Changing of the track layout called for application of cascading technology for UKC interlocking controller, adding two more UKC cabinets to the system.

Simultaneously one more station of Far Eastern Railway was fitted with MPC-I interlocking system – Landyshi Station. Until December, the station was controlled by an outdated ETs-12 relay interlocking system. Now personnel of Landyshi Station control 11 points and 24 light signals with MPC-I computer-based interlocking system, developed by a company from Yekaterinburg.

Installation efforts were also complemented by integration with other equipment, supplied by other developers, including a train-spacing system, installed on Landyshi – Dyuanka and Dyuanka – Toki hauls.

Note that MPC-I servers, ARM DSP and ARM ShN terminals are operating on domestic PCs and Astra Linux OS. Switching to domestic platform is one of the steps to implement the import phaseout program and is fully compliant with the plan of the JSC Russian Railways to replace software with domestic products, included in the Single Registry of Russian Software made by Ministry of Digital Development.