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MAPS installed on one more level-crossing of AO Apatit in Polar region

JSC Research and Development Company Promelectronica has concluded another cooperation project with one of its key partners AO Apatit. Specialists of the North Eastern Office have installed MAPS level-crossing protection system on level-crossing No.9, located on Yuksporyok – Pogruzochnaya-2 haul.

Railway signaling systems have to operate under extreme conditions in Kirov Branch of AO Apatit. The town of Kirovsk is located in the mountainous region in the Arctic, where the snow covers the ground up for up to 8 months a year. Besides, level-crossing No.9 lies in the avalanche hazard area of Yuksporr Mountain. Construction and installation works have been severely complicated by heavy blizzards and forced and planned avalanches.

Computer-based systems developed by JSC R&D Company Promelectronica are developed considering various operating environments, including Polar. MAPS level-crossing protection system and DKU-M wheel sensors, used on level-crossing No. 9 are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures up to -60C.

MAPS system has also been integrated with MPC-I computer-based interlocking system on Yuksporyok Station. Integration has been performed by BBK-02 controller block via optic fiber communication line. Moreover, our engineers also updated MPC-I software on Yuksporyok and Rasvumchorr Stations.

JSC R&D Company Promelectronica has been in cooperation with AO Apatit since 2001, leading to fitting of dozens facilities of AO Apatit with railway signaling systems of our own development. Currently more than 300 points are controlled by MPC-I systems, MAPS level-crossing protection system and ESSO axle counting system ensure automatic railway traffic control by 394 counting posts.