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New application case for DKU “Koldun”

The wheel sensor DKU “Koldun” is designed to operate in data-and-logic systems used by industrial enterprises. DKU “Koldun” is successfully operating as a part of the railway vehicles video monitoring and registering system ARSCIS. The system implements a broad range of tasks for metrology, logistics and security services, such as car identification, railway cargo shipping management, commercial inspection of cars, control of car movements and location.

In ARSCIS the wheel sensor DKU “Koldun” detects axles, defines direction and speed of rolling stock.

Reliable operation regardless of car types, movement characteristics (stops and movement direction change) and climatic conditions is the main benefit of DKU “Koldun” comparing with the competitive methods of car counting.

Our wheel sensor has been already operating as part of ARSCIS at the Syzran Refinary and Chernomortransneft, JSC.