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New cargo yard Apparatnaya Station fitted with Promelectronica’s systems

A new yard for arrival and departure of cargo trains has been built within modernization of Apparatnaya Station (Yekaterinburg) on Sverdlovsk Railway.

New electrified cargo yard connects the station and connecting track leading to Uralskiy Logistics Center. The yard is used for arrival and departure of loaded containers, transfer of trains from public railways and back, maintenance and commercial examination of train cars, paperwork processing and marshalling operations.

Modernization of Apparatnaya Station included installation of modern equipment, including ESSO-M axle counting system, developed by R&D Company Promelectronica. The section clearance is now controlled by 23 DKU wheel sensors. ESSO-M has also been integrated with relay-electronic interlocking system.

Appartanaya Station modernization project is undergoing since 2022. Modernization allows increasing cargo capacity of the line to the Uralsky Logistics Center and efficiency of the whole railway system of Yekaterinburg.