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A new up-to-date axle counting system

Our latest development the axle counting system ESSO-M-2 has been placed into constant operation at the South-Ural Railway, the station Asphaltnaya. The acceptance commission approved the system for the constant operation on August 9th, 2017. It is currently operating at 6 sections of the station.

6 months of fault-free trial operation proved the reliability of the system. The operating staff referenced to ESSO-M-2 as the operation-and-maintenance friendly one.

The digital redundant interface based on Ethernet has enhanced the reliability of connection with the higher level systems. This is one of the many advantages of the upgraded tower equipment. Another one is that the software enables to configure the system, hence decreasing errors occurred due to human resources under the start up, operation and maintenance. ESSO-M-2 is a modern technology of the axle counting developed in a total compliance with CENELEC SIL4. We never cease to focus on durability and quality of our products.

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