New logo

The year 2017 is a special one for our company. In April we celebrated 25th jubilee and held 25 Years of Innovations Conference, implemented tens of infrastructure projects and commissioned new products – axle counting system ESSO-M-2, wheel sensor DKU-M, automatic block system ABTC-I. And today in the first day of winter we are presenting our new logo.

The previous logo was created in a form of a moving wheel and symbolized one of the leading products – the axle counting system. As years went by, the company was growing and opening new directions of development. Today we offer a comprehensive range of railway signalling systems and services. The comprehensive approach is reflected in a new logo. Square is a complete shape symbolizing sustainability and completeness. The previous logo and a new one are related by an electrical impulse which is a symbol of the sector where we are working and our drive and singleness of purpose.

New brand identity inspires us to implement new ideas. We look to the future with confidence and look forward to joint projects!

Watch the video here.