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New stations equipped with ESSO-M in European Union

Two more stations of Bulgarian Railways – Botev and Tyzha (bulg. Тъжа) have been added to our list of implemented foreign projects. Both stations have been equipped with ESSO-M axle counting system. The first one has 23 counting posts and the latter 17.

An automated electrician’s work terminal ARM ESSO-M with remote monitoring capability over tower equipment and DKU sensors has been installed on site for displaying actual information about system performance, as well as for viewing log of events of the stations. Specialists of our company also carried out training of personnel of the stations to operate the system and ARM.


The stations are located at Karlovo – Kazanluk section of the Sofia – Burgas Line. They are located in the heart of the Rose Valley – the place, where rose petals are collected for production of rose oil and other perfumery products

This railway line spans across Balkan Mountain and Central Balkan National Park – one of three national parks of Bulgaria, popular among tourists. The park is located at Stara Planina Mountain. Height of the park ranges from 550 m near the town of Karlovo and up to 2,376 meters at Botev Mountain – the highest peak of Balkans, where the similarly-named station is located.


A very touching legend is connected with the name of Tyzha Station, which is named after the river and village. Princess Mara, the sister of Tsar Shishman, was given in the harem of Sultan Murad. When the caravan that was carrying her was passing near the mountain peak, the Princess asked to stop the caravan to see Bulgaria for the last time. Mara cried when the fascinating view opened in front of here. Her tears started the Tyzha River and the peak was named after her (source:

As of today, our systems have been implemented at 7 stations of Bulgarian Railways – Kermen, Dolno, Ezerovo, Sopot, Pirdop, Zlatitsa, Botev, Tyzha. There are 117 counting posts in total on these stations.