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Norilsk-Sortirovochnaya Station upgraded to new MPC-I generation

Modernization of the Norilsk-Sortirovochnaya Station belonging to Polar bracnsh of PAO Nornickel has been concluded. Now the fully upgraded MPC-I computer-based interlocking system, featuring digital interface, controls 19 points. Specialists of R&D Company Promelectronica performed it is a comprehensive project: we produced and supplied the equipment, carried out installation and commissioning works on site.

Norilsk-Sortirovochnaya Station is the central station of the Norilsk Railway. The station is located in the extreme climatic conditions among perpetually frozen ground, where snow covers up to 5-6 meters above ground. Frost season here lasts up to 280 days a year. Today and much the same as 90 years ago, this is the most northern railway station of Russia and it provides transport infrastructure for Polar Branch of PAO Nornickel, provides transportation between mines, industrial areas and the port.

Norilsk-Sortirovochnaya Station has four approaches. Integration with Yubileinaya, Razrez and Skladskaya Stations is performed by MPB semi-automatic block system, whereas Mednaya Station is integrated via relay semi-automatic block system. Track clearance is controlled by 59 counting posts of ESSO-M-2 axle counting system, featuring DKU wheel sensors as trackside equipment. MAPS level-crossing protection system, also designed and manufactured by Promelectronica, controls level-crossing signaling on Zub – Gora haul.

MPC-3+ features object controllers for direct management of trackside equipment. UKC interlocking controllers perform logical dependencies of the system. Currently the station houses two UKC cabinets with hot-standby capability. Stable and uninterruptable power supply of MPC-I system is ensured by SGP-MS power supply system.

Application of new MPC-I generation allows increasing not only system reliability but also expanse diagnostic and monitoring capabilities over trackside equipment, as well as ensure easier modernization of the station in case track layout changes in the future.

Large-scale implementations of MPC-I and ESSO systems on Norilsk Railway have been carrying out since 2011. Now Norilsk-Sortirovochnaya Station is the twelfth station that has been fitted with systems, developed R&D Company Promelectronica.