Projects and solutions

Russian axle counting system ESSO-M on the other side of the world

Implementation of the axle counting system ESSO-M designed by Promelectronica is far beyond the boundaries of Russia. In January 2016 ESSO-M was commissioned in Indonesia.


Joint participation of Promelectronica and PT Alstom Transport Indonesia in the railway infrastructure modernization project at Sumatra, Indonesia has significantly extended the area of implementation of ESSO-M system. The axle counting system ESSO-M, which is certificated for CENELEC SIL 4 and is capable to operate in a wide range of temperatures, has complied with the requirements of reliability and maintainability as well as structural design specified for TLS1&2 track section.

In January 2016 Promelectronica’s team took participation in the pre-commissioning works and placing ESSO-M into service at the track section located in the central part of Sumatra. This track section connects the coal mine and electric power plant and plays the important role in life of the island. During the project implementation ESSO-M has been interfaced with Alstom microprocessor interlocking.