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Vostochnaya station of AO Apatit undergoes modernization

AO Apatit is one of the most long-standing and significant partners of R&D Company Proemeltcronica. The enterprise is located in the town of Kirovsk, Murmansk Region and is a part of PhosAgro Holding. Our cooperation has started back in 2002, when Promelectronica carried out a trial operation of a newly developed MPC-I interlocking system at Pogruzochnaya-1 Station. Since then, Promelectronica has fitted several stations of the enterprise with our own systems.

This May our specialists took part in modernization of Vostochnaya Station, implementing ARM ETs solution, which is used for partial modernization of electric interlocking systems. The solution is cost-efficient and allows running costs for already existing relay systems. 

Our specialists replaced an outdated control panel with a brand new electronic ARM DSP workstation. Relay control group of the interlocking was interfaced with a computing complex, integrated with input/output controllers. Now ARM ETs on Vostochnaya Station controls 64 points and 88 light signals.

Modernization required comprehensive software development prior to commissioning on site. Specialists of Promelectronica performed integration of ARM ETs components with relay interlocking devices, as well as developed and tried new methods to software testing.

Vostochnaya Station is divided into 6 shunting areas. The most remote area is located more than 6 kilometers away from the interlocking post. It is worth noting that BBK-02 block of controllers was previously used to control Shunting Area No.6 In 2021 Promelectronica installed MPB semiautomatic block system on Vostochnaya – Koashva Line as well.

Vostochnaya Station is the main transportation hub for apatite ore delivery to ANOF-3 plant (Apatite-nepheline processing plant). The ANOF-3 plant produces apatite concentrate, used in chemical and farming industry.