Evolution or revolution? SIGNAL+DRAHT Kongress 2010

Evolution or revolution of signaling systems – shall we proceed already started?  Such a significant problem was discussed on 4th – 5th of November among the participants of the annual scientific and practical congress, held by SIGNAL+DRAHT mag.  This year was tenth anniversary of such congress.  By tradition, it took place in Fulda, Germany. General Director of R&P Centre “Promelectronica” Igor Tilk visited this event.

For the last 20 years technologies applied in railway automation were considerably reviewed. Functional updates were in progress and signaling solutions changed. However, information technologies change fast and meet actual requirements and tasks.
Participants of congress focused on discussion of possibilities and problems of wide using IT in the traffic safety control systems and debated whether revolution in railway automation may happen as one in IT filed. 


«There is no clear answer at the moment, while for many of us the word “revolution” sounds anxiously. Moreover, slant on the question should be deliberate when referring the question of train traffic safety. All solutions should be feasible, reliable and safe”, - Igor Tilk noted.  
Of course, besides the scientific and practical work and discussion the questions in order there was companionship between the partners from different countries, news discussion and exchange of experience.

Saint-Petersburg Railway University and JSC “Research Institute of automation and communication” participated in the congress as well.