Kazakhstan gets new solution for automatic block system

Commissioning works to enable MPB Electronic semiautomatic block system featuring automatic block posts on Nikeltau – Kandyagash mainline have concluded in Kazakhstan. The line consists of four hauls, three of which are fitted with a single automatic block posts. The fourth haul, Tokiansai – Bakai is fitted with two block posts due a large length of the haul. This solution has been implemented by Promelectronica for the very first time, since it allows increasing throughput of the haul and the whole line.


Inbuilt axle counting capability and newly installed DKU wheel sensors allow controlling section clearance of the tracks. ARM MPB terminal provides user-friendly interface for the operator, featuring diagnostic and event logging capabilities.
MPB Semiautomatic block system is a cost-efficient solution designed to increase haul throughput and allows establishing up to 10 block posts. The number of block posts depends on the required line throughput, its length and maximum train speed.  
The very first implementation of MPB on railroads of Kazakhstan took place on Semei – Lokot haul in 2013.