Promelectronica upgrades railway systems of EuroChem plant

MPC-I electronic interlocking system and ESSO-M axle counting system have been commissioned on the Zavodskaya Station of the NAK Azot enterprise within the signaling modernization project.

MPC-I electronic interlocking system with the cascaded UKC interlocking controller controls 83 shunting signals and 51 points, four of which were manually controlled prior to modernization. An outdated control panel has been replaced by a modern ARM DSP operator terminal. 111 counting posts of ESSO-M axle counting system ensure clearance control of the sections. Moreover, the systems of R&D Company Promelectronica have been integrated with the Severnaya Mainline Station, through which freight and passenger trains pass daily.

NAK Azot (Bobrikovsky Chemical plant before), located in the Novomoskovsk, Tula Region, is the part of the EuroChem fertilizer producer. This is the oldest enterprise belonging to the EuroChem: the first batch of the produce was manufactured almost 90 years ago in December of 1933. Today NAK Azot is the second largest producer of nitrogen fertilizers and ammonia in Russia.