KID-N Voltage Measurement Controller

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Контроллер измерений напряжения КИД-Н

KID-N Voltage Measurement Controller

KID-N measures AC/DC voltage irregardless of signal type.

KID-N measures AC/DC voltage regardless of signal type.

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  1. Permanent remote control of power supply units voltage. Received data is transmitted to external systems.


  • KID-N measures voltage in the frequency range from 20 Hz to 5.5 kHz.
  • KID-N operates in a fully automatic mode and does not require actions of staff. Controllers have 8-channels and able to ensure voltage control in 8 electric circuits simultaneously.
  • KID-N has embedded protection against impulse noise.

Railway Segments

  • KID-N could be used as a part of MPC-I Interlocking and any SCADA system with RS485 interface and Modbus protocol. There Engineering Solutions for application KID-N in MPC-I Interlocking.

Licenses and certificates of the KID-N system

  • KID-N
    Certificate on approval for KID-N type measurement device