MAPS Automatic Level-Crossing Control System

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MAPS Automatic Level-Crossing Control System

MAPS is intended for construction of new and reconstruction of existing level-crossings and pedestrian crossings of all types.

MAPS is intended for construction of new and reconstruction of existing level-crossings and pedestrian crossings of all types. System enables control of all existing level-crossing signalling devices: level-crossing light-signals, audio signalling, barriers of all types, obstruction devices and signals. Herewith, all set-up dependencies remain unchanged.

MAPS controls level-crossing area via axle counters. System sets off alerting and operation of level-crossing signalling units when train is approaching the control area on any of monitored track. It does not depend on track specification and track block system. Cancel of alert and level-crossing opening is implemented upon condition that end of a train passed the level-crossing and all controlled sections on all monitored tracks are vacant.


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  1. Increasing train and car movement safety at level-crossing, safety of pedestrians.


  • Easy reconfiguration in case of maximum train speed is changed.

Railway Segments

  • Guarded and non-guarded level- and pedestrian crossings on track lines with any traffic capacity and any train spacing systems.

Set of Equipment

  • MAPS Level-Crossing Module.
  • Axle Counting Trackside Units: DKU/DKU-M Wheel Sensors.
  • USSO Counting Posts Expansion Unit.

USSO allows application of MAPS and MAPS-M systems on sections with multiple branches.

  • Relay-Contact Equipment.
MAPS Level-Crossing Module
DKU Wheel Sensor
DKU-M Wheel Sensor
USSO Counting Posts Expansion Unit

Technical Data

  • Supply voltage, DC: from 11 to 36 V.
  • Nominal power supply: 12 or 24 V.
  • Power consumption: not over 15 W.
  • Operating temperature range: -60 to +85°С.
  • Overall sizes: 315х175х275 mm.
  • For the connection with digital signalling systems interface RS232/485 is provided using open protocol MODBUS.


CCTV at railway level-crossings increase safety and ensure visual monitoring the LC area and make appropriate decisions immediatly. Also CCTV helps to receive information about attempts of unauthorized access in a quick way.

  • Increase train traffic safety.
  • Monitoring LC area and LC officer actions.
  • Data archive.

Cost Efficiency

Geography of implementation of the MAPS system

Licenses and certificates of the MAPS system

  • MAPS
    Diploma for 1st place in the contest for the best quality system, issued by the Russian Railways (MAPS system)
  • MAPS
    Declaration of compliance for MAPS (page 1)
  • MAPS
    Declaration of compliance for MAPS (page 2)
  • MAPS
    Prolongation of Certificate TЗ 538543 MAPS
  • MAPS
    Declaration of compliance for DKU Adapter

Customer reviews about the MAPS system

  • MAPS
    Latvian Railways
    Latvian Railway shas started collaboration with R&P Centre “Promelectronica” since the year 2009 with implementation of microprocessor semi-automatic block system MPB with the use of axle counting system ESSO on the railway haul Kemeri-Tukums. In 2011 one more line on the border with Lithuanian Railways was equipped. Also, in the end of 2012 one level-crossing was equipped with microprocessor control equipment on the basis of axle counting equipment (MAPS). During implementation of devices, specific aspects of projects have been discussed and taken into account. It is necessary to note professionalism of specialists, implementing this equipment.
    Vasiliy Vinokurov, Deputy technical director for electrotechnical facilities of Latvian Railway
  • MAPS
    Kaliningrad railway – branch of JSC “RZD”
    The systems are widely used, which are base don axle counting method: semi-automatic block system (MPB), level-crossing protection system (MAPS), axle counting system (ESSO). Implementation of these systems allowed to solve problems, related to low sensitivity on low-density tracks and provide necessary train traffic safety. Theuse of MPB gave possibility to refuse from a wire communication channel and use FO lines. Also, reservation of communication channel is realized in MPB. The most important is that systems showed high reliability, also due to the integrated lightning protection and adaptability to various climatic conditions”.
    S.A. Batelyuk, Head of Kaliningrad Signalling Division