MAPS-M Automatic Non-Relay Level-Crossing System

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MAPS-M Automatic Non-Relay Level-Crossing System

MAPS-M is an automatic level-crossing system without relays.

MAPS-M is a non-relay system designed for non-guarded level-crossings at single- and double-track lines fitted with any type type of train spacing systems. Track sections are controlled via axle counters.

MAPS-M to be placed in MKM Equipment Container Module nearby level-crossing. The Equipment Container ensures MAPS-M climatic requirements and creates comfortable conditions for operating staff. 

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  1. Increasing train and car movement safety at level-crossing, safety of pedestrians.
  2. Reduction of time and labour required for level-crossing construction.
  3. Improvement of work environment for maintenance personnel due to embedded diagnostic and event logging.
  4. Depending on level-crossing conditions MAPS-M equipment could be housed in a stationary building, relay cabinet or MKM Equipment Container Module.


  • Easy to install, low maintenance system.
  • Advanced diagnostics and event logging.
  • Protected from lightning and switching disturbances.
  • User-friendly interface.

Railway Segments

  • Non-guarded railway level-crossings at single- or double-track sections equipped with train spacing systems of any type.

Video about MAPS-M

Set of Equipment

  • Indoor/level-crossing equipment: MAPS-M cabinet.
  • Outdoor equipment to control vacancy/occupancy of track sections: axle counters.
  • USSO Counting Posts Expansion Unit.

USSO allows application of MAPS and MAPS-M systems on sections with multiple branches.

  • Signalling equipment: light signals, alarm units.
MAPS-M blocks in the cabinet
MAPS-M Visual Panel
User-friendly Interface
MAPS-M Cabinet
MAPS-M in trackside module
MAPS-M in trackside module
USSO Counting Posts Expansion Unit

Technical Data

  • Input for connection of AC power source: 2 inputs (for main and redundant feeders).
  • Supply voltage range: from 198 to 242 V, 50 Hz.
  • Nominal power consumption: not over 350 W.
  • Maximum power consumption: not over 750 W (when charging batteries).
  • Battery-on mode: up to 24 hours.
  • LED heads and lens sets may be used as optical signalling devices.
  • Number of LC signalling system controlled devices:
    - red light: 4 devices
    - moon-white light: 2 devices
    - acoustic signalling units: 2 units
  • Connection with external control and diagnostic equipment:
    - diagnostic digital RS-485: 1 output
    - diagnostic discrete: 8 outputs
  • Overall dimensions HхWхD: 2025х800х600 mm.


CCTV at railway level-crossings increase safety and ensure visual monitoring the LC area and make appropriate decisions immediatly. Also CCTV helps to receive information about attempts of unauthorized access in a quick way.

  • Increase train traffic safety.

  • Monitoring LC area and LC officer actions.

  • Data archive.

Cost Efficiency

Geography of implementation of the MAPS-M system