KI-S Interface Converter

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Счетчик для измерения скорости подвижного состава

KI-S Interface Converter

KI-S measures speed of train wheels.

KI-S Interface Converter measures time during which wheel passes a track section between two DKL Wheel Sensors (speed measurement point). KI-S sends speed parameters to upper level systems. The device to be installed at EI tower or in a relay cabinet.


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  1. Measures speed of a passing train with a high precision in the range of 0 to 360 km/h.


  • Precise measurement of train speed in a wide range of speeds.
  • One KI-S ensures operation of five speed measurement points.
  • Interfacing with external systems: standard industrial interfaces (Ethernet) and protocols (Modbus TCP).
  • Low power consumption.

Railway Segments

  • Information and Logistic systems on station and haul tracks of public and non-public railways, metro and tramways.