ULIS MPB Laboratory Set

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Фото лабораторной установки МПБ

ULIS MPB Laboratory Set

ULIS MPB is designed for students and railway operating staff to study MPB Computer-Based Semi-Automatic Block System.

ULIS MPB is designed for students in railway establishments and railway operating staff to study operation procedures of MPB Computer-Based Semi-Automatic Block System. 

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  1. Learning principles of train arrival/departure, MPB configuiring tools.
  2. Learning indication and control tools in a normal mode.
  3. Learning indication and diagnostic tools in case of malfunctioning.

Set of Equipment

  • MPB Indoor Equipment.
  • MPB Outdoor Equipment: a mock-up of a singletrack haul with two stations and automatic block post.

The mock-up consists of indication of Station Master Terminal, entrance, exit and passing signals of block post, buttons for simulating train arrival at station and schematically drawn communication lines and data transmission between MPB block posts and connected units.

  • Counting post is placed nearby the mock-up. It is intended for demonstration of MPB outdoor equipment in real conditions.
ULIS MPB Laboratory Set
MPB Controller
Counting post composed of DKU Wheel Sensor