ESSO-M Axle Counting System

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  • Video about ESSO-M and ESSO-M-2 Systems
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Фото устройства ЭССО-М

ESSO-M Axle Counting System

ESSO-M is a new generation axle counting system. It complies with the world trends in railway signalling sector.

ESSO-M controls vacancy/occupancy of a track of any configuration and length. It is an alternative to track circuits. ESSO-M integrates with upper level systems via relay-contact interface.

ESSO-M is applied on stations and interstation lines of public and non-public railways, in metro and high-speed light rails. The system can be used for backup of track circuits and detection of tail end of a train at pedestrian crossings.

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  1. Detects vacancy/occupancy of a track section of any configuration.
  2. Transmits data on train movement to upper level systems.
  3. Reduces running costs due to high availability for operation.


  • Operates with any type of roadbed resistance.
  • Does not require electrical adjustments.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Interactive troubleshooting guide.
  • Embedded diagnostics, monitoring and event logging.
  • CENELEC SIL4 Certificate.
  • Award of the Russian Railways for the best quality of complex technical equipment.

Railway Segments

  • Train Traffic Safety Systems.
  • Monitoring and Measuring Systems.
  • Information and Logistic Systems.
  • Wheel Location Systems.

Data Sheet

Video about ESSO-M and ESSO-M-2 Systems

Set of Equipment

Outdoor Units

  • DKU/DKU-M/SKM Wheel Sensors with Sensor Clamps.

SKM Wheel Sensor is a functional alternative to DKU-M Wheel Sensor and has an improved construction. SKM Sensor processes data on vibration, speed, movement direction and wheel location. The Sensor has an advanced immunity to traction current noises, SKM Sensor is applied in various climatic conditions. 

Indoor Units

  • KBR Evaluator Unit, PLR Counting Board and PLI Communication Board.
  • UPSP Axle Counter Adapter.
  • USKS and USKS-E Interfacing Unit.

USKS-E Interfacing Unit ensures link with remote counting posts via redundant serial Ethernet Interface. Remote wheel sensors could be connected with ESSO-M and ESSO-M-2 systems.

  • USSO Counting Posts Expansion Unit.

USSO allows enables ESSO-M and ESSO-M-2 systems to control switch sections of any size. In case of large switch sections the equipment cost is reduced for 15 %.

  • PT Visual Panel.
  • PSLZ False Occupancy Reset Panel.
  • Overvoltage and Lightning Protection Devices.
  • ESSO-M ARM ShN Work Terminal.
PT Visual Panel
DKU Wheel Sensor
ESSO-M Indoor Equipment
SKM Wheel Sensor
DKU-M Wheel Sensor
USSO Counting Posts Expansion Unit
USKS-E Interfacing Unit

Technical Data

  • Supply voltage: 24 V DC, 220 V AC.
  • Power consumption per one counting post: 2 W.
  • Wheel speed: 0-360 km/h.
  • Guaranteed data transmission distance between tpwer and trackside equipment: up to 5 km - via signal cable; up to 35 km - via communication cable; unlimited - via multiplexing equipment, radio relay and fiber-optic communication lines.
  • One pair of wires for connection of counting post to tower units.
  • Operating temperature range on outdoor units: -60°С to +70°С, indoor units: -40°С to +70°С.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility and mechanical loads, climatic conditions: GOST 34012, EN 50125-3.
  • Standard cabinet dimensions: 2100х720х600 mm.
  • RS-485 (Modbus) Diagnostic Interface.

Diagnostics and Monitoring


DS Diagnostic System comprised as software and hardware complex allows live tracking of system condition, transmits diagnostic information to upper level systems and log events. Information gathered by DS streamlines maintenance and troubleshooting as well as enables additional functions: tracking of a train movement along the station, maintenance of trackside equipment as per actual wear condition.

ESSO-M Work Station is designed for live monitoring of system status of the station, logging and viewing of information and troubleshooting. On booting ESSO-M Work Station displays the list of stations available for monitoring with their miniaturized layouts. Scale of the selected layout can be adjusted. Clicking on section displays detailed information on its status.


Cost Efficiency

Geography of implementation of the ESSO-M system

Licenses and certificates of the ESSO-M system

  • ESSO-M
    ESSO-M Trademark Certificate
  • ESSO-M
    CENELEC SIL 4 Certificate for ESSO-M Axle Counting System
  • ESSO-M
    Diploma for 2nd place in the contest for the best quality system, issued by the Russian Railways (ESSO system)
  • ESSO-M
    Declaration of compliance for ESSO-M (page 1)
  • ESSO-M
    Declaration of compliance for ESSO-M (page 2)
  • ESSO-M
    Certificate of Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia for ESSO-M (page 1)
  • ESSO-M
    Certificate of Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia for ESSO-M (page 2)
  • ESSO-M
    Certificate of Compliance for DKU Wheel Sensor, page 1
  • ESSO-M
    Certificate of Compliance for DKU Wheel Sensor, page 2
  • ESSO-M
    Certificate of Compliance for DKU-M Wheel Sensor, page 1
  • ESSO-M
    Certificate of Compliance for DKU-M Wheel Sensor, page 2

Customer reviews about the ESSO-M system

  • ESSO-M
    Privolzhsk Railway Infrastructure Department - branch of JSC "RZD"
    Privolzhsk Railway Infrastructure Department thanks Promelecronica for reliable cooperation and partnership on the Russian Railways project implemented in 2015. The project was aimed to prevent people injury in train movement area. Promelectronica equipped seven pedestrian crossings on one- to five-track lines with ESSO-M Axle Counting System at Privolzhsk Railway.
    V.A. Zdruev, Chief Engineer
  • ESSO-M
    During operation no failures have been dected. Highly qualified specialists of Promelectronica service center immediatly responds to our needs during warranty period which is 3 years.
    A.T. Ergaliev, CEO
  • ESSO-M
    Noth Caucasus Railway - JSC "RZD"
    ESSO-M Axle Counting System improved traffic safety and capacity of equipped track sections. It should be noted that during operation of the system have not been detected critical failures.
    K.N. Kryat, Head of Signalling Division