Complex Solutions for Train Traffic Safety (The RZD-Partner International, 3(21) 2012)

Complex Solutions for Train Traffic Safety

Railway transport is strategically important mode of transport and train traffic safety and control are especially vital and science-intensive missions, which can be accomplished by means of railway signalling and telecommunication systems.

Being one of the leading companies in Russia, R&P Centre “Promelectronica” for more than 20 years executes development and implementation of microprocessor railway signalling and telecommunication systems for the main line railway transport, approach tracks for industrial enterprises and metro lines.

Nowadays, systems produced by R&P Centre “Promelectronica” ensure traffic safety and control on the railroads of OJSC “Russian Railways”, on the railways of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Lithuania, Armenia, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and on tens of industrial enterprises.

Complex of modern railway signalling and telecommunication systems R&P Centre “Promelectronica”, an enterprise with a full production cycle and a system integrator, offers a wide range of modern microprocessor railway signalling systems for equipping of rail sections of any length at stations, railway hauls and level-crossings. Due to unique technologies, these systems provide a high level of train traffic safety in different conditions and on sections with any traffic density.

The company’s basic developments are:

  • Microprocessor Interlocking MPC-I is a system for centralized control of wayside facilities (points, light-signals, level-crossings, etc.) at stations of any size with any type of train and shunting operations. It can be station at public or non-public tracks, in mine or a subway. The functional capabilities of MPC-I include automatic logging and archiving of data about the system operation and actions of the station operator, remote monitoring of the system operation and train situation at the station, joining of several stations into a single zone to be controlled from one post and creation of several control zones at one station.
  • Axle counting system ESSO is intended for vacancy detection of track sections of any complexity and configuration at stations and railway hauls. ESSO operates at any up to zero ballast insulation resistance, including sections with metal sleepers and joints as well as on all-metal bridges. It enables control vacancy of level-crossing approach sections, block-sections with automatic block system, point sections, receiving-anddeparture tracks on the stations, point and non-point sections in the systems of hump automatic interlocking.
  • Microprocessor semi-automatic block system MPB is designed for train traffic control on the railway hauls and executes all functions of semi-automatic relay block system, supplemented by automatic control of train arrival to the station in full. Data can be transmitted between the stations both via physical line, main cable, fiber-optical line and radio channel. If it is necessary to extend traffic capacity of the railway haul, MPB is supplemented by automatic block-post that is based on MPB sub-system.
  • Microprocessor level-crossing protection system MAPS is intended for ensuring traffic safety and control of traffic over level-crossings at the railway hauls. It allows control approach sections near single-, double-, and multitrack level-crossings, foot paths and regulation of all types of obstruction and warning facilities.

R&P Centre “Promelectronica” has certificate of compliance to the international quality management system ISO 9001: 2008 issued by TÜV Rheinland. Business management system of the company is established according to the international standard IRIS.

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