• Station Control
  • Centralized Control
    • DK-I
      Dispatcher Control
  • Railway Line Control
    • ABTC-I
      Computer-Based Auto Block System with Audio-Frequency Track Circuits
    • MPB
      Computer-Based Semi-Automatic Block System
    • ULIS MPB
      Laboratory Set
  • Track Clearance Control
  • Wheel Parameters Identification
  • Level-Crossing Traffic Control
  • Remote Control and Monitoring of Railway Signalling Equipment
    • BBK-02
      Controller Base Block
  • Derailment Control
    • BUKS
      Derailment Control Device
  • Rolling Stock Chocking
    • KTS AZS
      Automatic Rolling Stock Chocking System
  • Diagnostics and Monitoring
    • KID-I
      Insulation Resistance Measurement Controller
    • KID-N
      Voltage Measurement Controller
  • Power Supply for Railway Signalling
    • SGP-MS
      Uninterruptable Power Supply System
  • Equipment Container Module
    • MKM
      Equipment Container Module
  • Railway Systems Software

Research and Development Company “Promelectronica”  is the Russian expert in design, manufacturing and turnkey solutions in railway signalling. Our solutions contribute to train traffic safety on main lines, industrial railways and metro lines. They are applied on tracks of any length and different traffic capacity.

Our products work in over 20 countries: on all railroads of Russia - branches of RZD, main lines and industrial railways in Russia, CIS countries, Columbia, Brazil and other countries.